Global Digital Audio Development's Trend Report 2021

2021-09-06 14:24:49

On September 1, Qualcomm released a report on user’s behavior and demand what drivers for the market of consumer audio devices in 2021. The report covers global digital audio trends, market of TWS Earbuds, and audio product application scenarios.  

From the perspective of the industry, TWS Earbuds is a rapidly growing product in the current consumer audio electronic products, and with the improvement of performance and the continuous enrichment of functions, its sales are still growing steadily.

According to the Audio Product Usage Status Research Report 2021, among the electronic devices owned by consumers, the owning rate of smart phones has reached 100%, while the owning rate of TWS Earbuds is only 35%.  At present, the main way of using TWS Earbuds is still with mobile phones. From the owning rate of mobile phones and earphones, it can be reflected that the future market of TWS Earbuds is still huge, and there is a very broad space for development.  

On the other hand, the report's findings show an increase in usage cases in nearly all TWS Earbuds usage scenarios over the past 12 months.  Compared with 2020, most increase is on the use of voice calls and games increased .

It can be seen that, on the one hand, the impact of the epidemic has changed people's way of living and working and increased the frequency of using TWS Earbuds.  On the other hand, it also shows that consumers' recognition of TWS Earbuds has been improved, and consumers' purchase intention has increased, promoting the sales of the product.

In the report, respondents ranked the influence of new features of true wireless earphones on their purchase decisions. Active noise reduction, which has been widely used, took the first place, but also features that have not been widely used, such as hearing AIDS, lossless sound quality, spatial /3D audio, health monitoring, etc.  In the future, these new features will attract a large number of people to buy related TWS Earbuds products.