Happy Chinese Tiger Year of 2022

2022-02-01 23:28:16

Time flies like an arrow, the sun&moon turns like a shuttle! The Chinese Tiger year of 2022 inadvertently is coming. In 2021, the COVI-19 epidemic hit the world and the economy suffered a setback. We also suffered much but we still were aggressive to get brilliant achievements.  Looking forward the 2022 Chinese Tiger year, we have more responsibility on shoulders.  As the bell Tiger Year rings,  the warmest greetings to all of our customers and suppliers, as well as our fans who support the "RIOTCATS" brand. We wish you happy, healthy and successful in the coming year.  

Shenzhen Sicom Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in the R&D and manufacture of digital electronics for 11 years. We devoted ourselves to create scientific and innovative products for consumers, and make people's life more bralliant through continious innovation!  Facing the new challenges in 2022, we will pay more attention on the application of Bluetooth and wireless charging technology what used on outdoor, household, office and in-car products. We will extend more products categories and constantly develop high-quality true wireless audio and other intelligent electronic products to face the younger, more international market. 


In 2022, all employees of Sicom will work together to create, exceed, build a better future!