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Corporate welfare

Staff Club

1, for the rich cultural life and amateur staff work to improve quality of life for employees, the company provides a monthly activity funds to departments to enrich our leisure life and enhance team cohesion.
2, annual outings activities.
3, to organize large annual spring party.


Employees enjoy paid holidays national holidays.

Option Awards

Incentive options for the core staff


Other benefits
Eligible each year for the company recruit employees work adjustment (adjusted dry) home. Company and staff based on the annual quota of work requirements, for exit permits for staff.


Personal development
People are continuing to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of key personnel the basic qualities and abilities to a certain extent determines the competitiveness of enterprises and capacity development, human resources development is fundamental, Sicom's talent was: respect for the talents and develop talent. And through the growth of salaries and benefits, employee stock ownership plans and the idea that implementation of the system become a reality.